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Possible WolfRecorder use cases

As on premise home or business NVR

It's just like you imagined. You simply record video from your cameras, have the ability to view its archive, view live video streams, and save data from the archive in the space allocated for this purpose, just like on own cloud storage.

As broadband ISP additional service

By design WolfRecorder is multi-user NVR, with flexible ACL and rights system and REST API for integration with external software. Internet service providers (ISPs) can expand their services and provide additional customer benefits by providing video surveillance services. This strategy helps to increase ARPU, strengthen customer relationships, and ensure customer safety. Providing video surveillance services helps customers protect their home or business, which is an important aspect for many. It can reduce the risk of theft and contribute to overall security in the ISP's service area. Easy integration into the ISP's existing infrastructure minimizes the cost of implementing this additional service.

Which is easy scalable

Horizontal scaling of solution using multiple NVRs and storage is a simple and effective way to increase the capacity and stability of your video surveillance system. With WolfRecorder, this can be done easily and inexpensively. Build your cluster the way you want!

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