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WolfRecorder Changelog

0.1.0 - in development now

  • Just chilling

0.0.9 - rev 323

  • Database scheme updated
  • alter.ini: new option CHANSHOTS_VALIDATION that enables channel screenshots validation during cameras list rendering.
  • Module “Live view”: now requires specific right to use the live wall feature.
  • Module “Cameras”: now display users who have an ACL for a specific camera.
  • Module “Cameras”: now displays is substream active or not?
  • Module “Models”: minor interface updates.
  • Module “Models”: added ability of basic device custom templates management.
  • Module “Models”: ONVIF-explorer implemented.
  • Module “Models”: added ability to auto-generate custom device templates based on explored ONVIF data.
  • WRinstaller: FreeBSD 14.1 setup implemented.

0.0.8 - rev 308

  • alter.ini: new option LIVE_WALL which enables the experimental live view mode of all cameras
  • Module “Cameras”: separate total/enabled/recording/live counters now displayed.
  • Login form: auth-prefill delimiter replaced with underscore.
  • Developer Console: fixed errors when executing SQL queries that return an empty or boolean result in PHP 8.x.
  • Developer Console: partially fixed fatal errors in PHP 8.x with syntax errors in the executable PHP code.
  • Module “Live view”: added ability to preview cameras sub streams.
  • Module “StreamDog”: fixed keeping threads that are currently in use alive.
  • WRinstaller: FreeBSD 13.3 setup implemented. FreeBSD 12.4, 13.1 deprecated.
  • WRinstaller: experimental Debian 12.5 Bookworm setup implemented.
  • WRinstaller: fixed timezone shift issue on FreeBSD 14.0.

0.0.7 - rev 282

  • WRinstaller: FreeBSD 14.0 setup implemented.

0.0.6 - rev 280

  • Module “Cameras”: performance improved on camera profile viewing with slow storages.
  • Module “Users and rights”: fixed users ordering issue with ordering by exported videos size.
  • i18n: Romanian locale added. Thanks to Niko.
  • HTTP REST API: system gethealth now contains OS/Platform info.

0.0.5 - rev 269

  • alter.ini: new option NEURAL_ENABLED which enables experimental AI objects recognition.
  • alter.ini: new option NEURAL_API_URL that sets URL of supported object recognition service.
  • Module “Background processes”: fixed issue with PHP 8.2 and implict type conversion notice.
  • Module “Taskbar”: added security notification about usage of default administrator account.
  • Module “Users and rights”: new limited user role “Operator” with all cameras access implemented.
  • Module “Users and rights”: fixed issues on users accounts management on PHP 8.2.
  • Module “Backup database”: fixed issue on dump restoration on PHP 8.2.
  • Capture subsystem: version-specific options moved to separate library.
  • Module “Live view”: version-specific options moved to separate library.
  • WRinstaller: experimental Debian 12.1 Bookworm setup implemented.

0.0.4 - rev 253

  • HTTP REST API now is available
  • Users management module: now deletes user with all of his exported records
  • Rotator: new fast rotator model implemented
  • WRinstaller: better resources usage

0.0.3 - rev 221

  • alter.ini: new option EXPORTS_RESERVED_SPACE
  • Records export extracted to separate queue
  • Channels locking due export process run implemented
  • Exported records basically works and can be deleted/downloaded
  • Storages: renaming implemented
  • Cameras: basic editing implemented
  • Camera models: editing implemented
  • Better records export time-range selection interface
  • Exported records now can be previewed online with web-player
  • Minor UXD improvements
  • Storages: changed chunks storing format, improved performance.
  • Cameras: fixed preview issue on storage migration.
  • Chanshots: performs periodic channel archive screenshots.
  • Cameras: not accessible camera logging is disabled by default.
  • Per-user camera ACL implemented.
  • Cameras: now displays is livestream active or not?
  • Users management: minor interface updates.


  • just exists
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